Our Punta Arenas Airport counter is not operational, but if you wish you can take your reservation with this delivery point and we will be waiting for you with a sign with your name at the airport, to transfer you to our office in the city which is located about 15 minutes away. This transfer service has no additional cost for rentals of more than 2 days. The same happens when returning the vehicle, you will return the vehicle to the city center branch and a transfer will be waiting to take it to the Airport at the time agreed in your contract.

Opening hours in all branches:

  • Monday to Friday: 09:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (outside of these hours, service is available at an additional cost)
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays: Closed (PRIOR RESERVATIONS accepted with additional cost)

Rental requirements:

Driver over 25 years old

Present your identity card or passport

Possess a valid driver’s license suitable for the type of vehicle, in the original country.

Rental guarantee: bank credit card of the contract holder with a minimum available amount of $650.000, plus the value of the rental if it is not prepaid.

The rate includes:

Free km for rentals of more than 1 day, otherwise mileage limited to 350 km, $180 km extra

First additional driver, free of charge

Tax (VAT) and Insurance with deductible

Insurance deductible for collision or minor damage: Maximum of 15 UF + VAT USD 800 app. $650.000 clp app.

Overturn insurance deductible: 40 UF + VAT USD 2.100 app. $1.700.000 clp app.

Civil liability insurance coverage for accidents in Chile is up to 500 UF for consequential damage, and 200 UF for moral damage. For accidents in Argentina, civil liability coverage towards third parties and/or things belonging to third parties not transported is up to $3.000.000 Argentine pesos.

Mandatory personal accident insurance (SOAP) covers 300 UF for medical expenses, death or total permanent disability of the driver, the people transported and any third party affected in the accident.

Vehicle Assistance, in case of maintenance and/or panne: replacement at no cost (if it is the responsibility of EMSA RENT A CAR)

Vehicles can leave for Argentina, paying for International Documentation insurance, an additional value that varies depending on the duration of your contract:

From 1 to 14 days of rental = $80.000 clp

From 15 to 30 days of rent = $140.000 clp

The request for this documentation must be requested at least one week in advance of the start of the rental.

The rate does not include fuel. The vehicle is delivered with a full tank, and must be returned in the same condition, otherwise EMSA RENT A CAR will charge your account the difference in the value of the fuel. At a value of $2,200 WITH VAT per liter of gasoline or diesel.

EMSA RENT A CAR, only confirms categories, not brands or models

Reservations are valid for two hours after your confirmed rental time, after this time EMSA RENT A CAR can cancel the reservation.

Extension of contracts is possible, with prior notice to EMSA RENT A CAR 24 hours before the agreed return time. Otherwise, 50% will be added to the rate for the extra days.

To make the cancellation and refund of 100% of the value of the prepaid reservation effective, the holder of the credit or debit card must request it 7 or more days in advance before the start of the rental. If you cancel after this period, you will be refunded according to the following criteria:

Cancellation 7 or more days in advance: 100% of the payment refundable.

Cancellation between 4 and 6 days in advance: 50% of the payment refundable.

Cancellation less than or equal to 3 days in advance: Non-refundable.

The amount will be refunded to the same credit card of the cardholder who made the payment within approximately 10 business days. If payment has been made with a debit card, the refund will be through a deposit to the account indicated by the client within 15 business days.

In the event that the client shows up, but does not meet the requirements to be able to rent, NO refund will be generated.

Once the rental has started, no refunds or returns will be made for unused rental days according to the criteria associated with the prepaid reservation.