If you want to travel to Argentina….

Dear passenger, if you need to go to Argentina with our vehicles we would appreciate if you complete the form that appears below on this page, at least one week before the start of your reservation.

The amounts to be paid for the Exit Permit to Argentina varies depending on the duration of your contract:

From 1 to 14 days of rental = $80.000 clp

From 15 to 30 days of rent = $140.000 clp

The value of the Permit will be added to your contract and collected at the end of the lease.

The information sent through the form will be sufficient to process your documentation. On the day of the rental we need you to present your Identification Document (Identity Card or Passport) and your up-to-date Driver’s License.

IMPORTANT: the information you indicate in the form must not have any errors, otherwise this could mean a problem for you to cross the border into Argentina.

Formulario de permiso en línea